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Well, in all fairness I did know some of the original Amblin people and I was a contributor to some major IPs even if people voluntarily or are forced to deny this. I obtained “Amblin, Inc.” almost a year ago and PER AGREEMENT with one of the attorneys I cannot use the name for motion picture related. So, I’m not. Introducing, “Amblin Ink”, my little web page with 3D design work. I’ve only gotten started, and… it looks like just hobby stuff. The powers in Hollywood are still trying to keep me retired-looking so I’ll just share objects as I complete them well enough.


Bitter the Snowman?

Or.. Bitters… or Bitter Cold the Snowman? I’m crafting a holiday story about an anti-Frosty the Snowman. I know, it sounds really dumb. Honestly, there has been so much angst and evil and sadness this year in my life I just want to leave it for a while and BE in another story! My character may not walk past in it, but I’ll just write it, get my mind off things. Because why not. Use our creativity to save ourselves from depression or sitting around watching tv?

Boom! The sound of thunder, and lightning to follow. I posted the first part of the story on my blog web site. I should be able to finish it before Thanksgiving this year.



More than a hundred years after Dorothy’s visit, the origin story of a powerful young man
sorcerer and new characters in the land of Oz. Will he side with the happy inhabitants or the outcasts? Will Dorothy or her great grand daughter return? (Not writing it down yet!)

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SYNN cards

I came up with the idea for these decades ago! Back then I didn’t even own a computer to design on. All these years later I remembered the idea and have now created them. The prototype deck of cards is sitting in front of me at home. Plan is to have a final product available to ship by this November on Etsy.com and/or its own web site. What are they? Flash cards of sins based on religious and non-religious sources. Already submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office. Update August 29, 2021: Major updates to SYNNCards.com and created a page for Facebook.

First ever printing. Needed some minor adjustments.
8/27/21. New matte version of the SYNN cards arrived today. Put the image in Photoshop so you cant just print them out. I feel really good holding the whole pack in hand and knowing that there are over 40+ sins that I am NOT doing.