SYNN cards

I came up with the idea for these decades ago! Back then I didn’t even own a computer to design on. All these years later I remembered the idea and have now created them. The prototype deck of cards is sitting in front of me at home. Plan is to have a final product available to ship by this November on and/or its own web site. What are they? Flash cards of sins based on religious and non-religious sources. Already submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office. Update August 29, 2021: Major updates to and created a page for Facebook.

First ever printing. Needed some minor adjustments.
8/27/21. New matte version of the SYNN cards arrived today. Put the image in Photoshop so you cant just print them out. I feel really good holding the whole pack in hand and knowing that there are over 40+ sins that I am NOT doing.

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