is a web site of ideas previously in development for motion pictures, television, books, and video games
from SOL III LLC made public.
The name is a tribute to the beautiful planet we live on where we
create new worlds.

Licensing IS AVAILABLE on all content. Please contact us for more information. Options are also available for $50-$100 U.S. (helping out even new people). This really is just an administration paperwork fee for legal documentation. We can give our full info on a title idea or just give you the title and you can use your own think tank.

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Eventually we may add some concept posters of
in development projects.

Please keep in mind, these ideas are owned by a professional motion picture and television company. They are protected under copyright laws globally. “Stevin” does not claim to be the lead of Amblin Entertainment Inc. or even work there. The name Lady Sarah “Lusor” Spielberg is a legal name and not licensed to anyone other than the owner.