Legend of the Swords

Just an at-home gaming project I am playing with. As surely as some people build their own models of planes or cars for a shelf, I CREATE stuff for fun. Likely I’ll register it when I’ve written enough notes. Just a game. I am a fan of Highlander and many sword-based movies. I even spent minor time on Pirates of the Caribbean.. the ride and movie locations with J. Depp. One of the first movies with swords I got to visit was Hook with Robin Williams. This may or may not be a future commercial game, but at minimum I’ll create it for myself.

I played many board games in childhood as well as video games. Some people do that their whole lives. Collecting, trading board games and video games. As surely as writers have read a lot, some gamers create their own games for entertainment. Some know I contributed to some successful gaming franchises, but I never made money on them. I got exposure to them and skills in development. May be why I have kept the nickname “Lusor”. It means “gamer” in Latin.

If you really want some jazz on screen with swords… maybe check out Game of Thrones or some History Channel docudramas? Also, I recommend Kurosawa movies. I watched those quite a bit in childhood. I wasn’t into killing people, but the choreography fascinated me because some of it was profound.

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