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“I was a source of inspiration and specific ideas at companies such as DreamWorks, Marvel, Disney, Amblin Entertainment Inc., and more.”



This is the Earth.Works web site and it is owned by the same lead at Amblin, Inc., the original “Dreamworks” (in name) and Sol III LLC. Her name is Sarah Abrams Char, nicknamed “Stevin” and “Lusor”. She is one of the original pre-Amblin Entertainment Inc. and pre-Dreamworks producers dating back to Jaws. Her first directing experiences were on Sugarland Express with a handful of adults in a charge.


“Stevin” was known to a large group of people in Hollywood since the early 1970s. Her main skillset was “dropping images”. What she did for Amblin, Dreamworks and other companies through Amblin and Dreamworks and Universal Pictures was create ideas for movies and television series. An ideas person, not a hands-on producer doing paperwork. Her ideas included titles, stories, characters even key directing notes.


At this time Dreamworks Pictures LLC, Universal Pictures LLC, Google Studios LLC and Sol III LLC are lead by Sarah “Stevin” Abrams Char. Not all of these company names are transacting in business, but are legal entities as of this writing. She is a member of the Producers Guild of America as well as the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. More about “Stevin” on


We are going to be listing some of our works in progress on this web site. This web site is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and individual titles are registered with the Writers Guild of America and more.

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