Our Titles

GAFO (g.a.f.o.)

I have reached the point of full metal #GAFO! “grumpy as f-k online”, right?

I had to make this sh-t up (m.t.s.u or ‘#mtsu’) because I’ve gotten into so much trouble in the past few years. I created my own label! Peeps, you can use it too. No worries. I believe ALL OUT ANGER in words, INSTEAD OF anything physical is okay. Especially in text form instead of yelling in person.

One Hundred Doorways

This is an upcoming anthology of ideas that I’ve created in recent years, described in a book that will be available for purchase via Kindle. These are already pre-registered with the Writers Guild and occasionally with the U.S. Library of Congress. Buying the book will NOT entitle the owner of it or the readership to OWN the actual idea presented. It for free reading, fun and inspiration.

Just a reminder, everyone should respect the copyright of creatives.


Yep, it’s a video game for cats. I’m waiting for snoopers to announce it, or sell it to unsuspecting developers. I was working on it earlier today, but they already think it is something different. I may or may not change the name and the natural of the game. TBD!


A simple automobile/auto/car/fastcar/sportscar/customcar card game for cruising with your friends and laughing at each other, or get competitive and out mod or bling the geeks!

Update 4/13/2022:

We may go at this very grass roots style. Seems appealing in this age of so much digitalization! First tests of hand stamp printing. Logo may or may not be the final one. So far we have over 70+ cards in a hand written, no artwork yet deck!

Simple Words

I was thinking about my days of childhood and learning words, writing, story telling and figured out I could make a very simple word game to share. Eventually I will do this!

Do remember titles on SOL III, Earth.Works are typically registered at least once at the Writers Guild Registry. Some are also registered with the Library of Congress.

All content on SOLIII.com is copyright to SOL III LLC.

New Chess

Because I am sensing a cold shoulder from Hollywood and movie making in general, I am working or playing on some new ideas for just self-entertainment. I enjoyed playing chess on computers and in-person in childhood mostly. Now I am designing my own pieces and board(s) for at home use. I may make something available online via special purchase. Design work is taking place in Blender 3D and I have prototype pieces 3D printed for review, usually in a common inexpensive plastic or Nylon.

I am not re-writing the rules of chess, but it is inspiring me to think of new games or an attempt to create a new game using the same checker board.