Category: Drama


More than a hundred years after Dorothy’s visit, the origin story of a powerful young mansorcerer and new characters in the land of Oz. Will he side with the happy inhabitants or the outcasts? Will Dorothy or her great grand daughter return? (Not writing it down yet!) LICENSING IS AVAILABLE for this title and full […]

Public Messages

Without planning to, wrote a short story on my private Twitter feed this morning. Then I copied the posts onto some pages and registered at the WGA Registry. The premise: “A warning about the meaning of public hidden messages.” This may make an interesting short film sometime. (We can license this for a short film […]


A refugee slips into the United States and her very young genius son nicknamed “Random” is stolen. Over the years as he grows up living with various families and orphanages we watch what he does. Will he make it home to find his mother, and what will happen when they meet again?